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Every Last Drop

Regular Events

The Single Malt Club runs regular events every month. Members and their guests are welcome to attend.

Member's Night

Member's Night

Last Wednesday of Every Month

Ladies Cocktail Night

Cocktail Night

Second Friday of Every Month

Golf Night

Golf Night

Every Monday Night

Upcoming Events

Thursday 26th January

The Scarf Party

We love tartan at the Tianjin Single Malt Club, so to share our love of that Scottish Cloth, we have decided to give away a tartan scarf to everybody who attends our next event.
The scarves are pure wool and are sure to look great in our evening photos.

Old Events

9th Dec 2016
The Ritz Carlton Residences - Hosted at the recently opened Ritz Carlton Residences.
Konrad and Sylvia in Tasmania
April - November 2016
18th Mar 2016
Members Night #6 - Our last members night before we go to Tasmania
8nd Mar 2016
The Tea Party - A celebration of International Women's Day
24th Feb 2016
The Gentlemen Party - A celebration of International Women's Day
2nd Feb 2016
The QiPao Party @ The Royal Yacht Club - A truly luxury and classic location for QiPao.
21st Jan 2016
The QiPao Party - Join us at the Hyatt Regency for a lesson in QiPao fashion.
19th Dec 2015
The Red Party - A Party Celebrating the color Red. Wear your best Red Dress to the Astor Hotel.
14th Nov 2015
Horse Riding #2 - Another day at the Polo Club, same stuff... horses, polo, whisky :)
7th Nov 2015
Horse Riding #1 - A day at the Polo Club, riding horses, learning polo, drinking whisky
5th Nov 2015
Asian Whisky Night - A night of Asian Whisky hosted by the Gang Gang Sullai Restaurant
28th Oct 2015
Private Whisky Pairing @ The Astor - A private Whisky Tasting held at the Astor Hotel
16th Oct 2015
Private Whisky Pairing @ The St Regis - A private Whisky Tasting held at the St Regis Hotel
25th Sept 2015
Members Night #4 - A food sharing night where each guest brings a dish of food
28th August 2015
Scottish Whisky Night - Our biggest whisky night for the year at the Ritz Carlton
25th August 2015
Dance Practice II - Our Second Dance Practice at the Ritz Carlton
11th August 2015
Dance Practice I - A Cocktail night and Dance practice at the Westin Hotel
29th July 2015
Member's Night #3 - Our Monthly Member's Night with Jura, Glenrothes and Highland Park on offer
10th July 2015
China Mobile Whisky Tasting - A whisky tasting held at the Ealdormann Estate
24th June 2015
Member's Night #2 - Japanese and Scotch Whisky Night
12th June 2015
Cocktail Night #1 - A Monthly Event for the Ladies
27th May 2015
Member's Night #1 - A chance for our Members to meet and drink Whisky
16th April 2015
Hyundai Whisky Tasting - A Whisky Tasting for Hyundai Showroom Staff
15th July 2014
Whisky Tasting - Whisky BBQ - A Summer Garden Party
26th June 2014
Whisky Tasting - Distiller Editions (2nd Edition) - 4 different Distiller Edition Whiskies
19th June 2014
Tianjin Homebrew Society - The Tianjin Home Brew Society - Making your own beer in Tianjin
17th June 2014
Whisky Tasting - Different Styles - 5 whiskies each made in a different style
29th May 2014
Distillers Edition Whisky Tasting - Royal Lochnagar 12 + DE, Talisker 10 + DE, Lagavulin 16 + DE
15th May 2014
Glenfarclas Whisky Tasting - 12 Years, 15 Years, 17 Years, 105 Cask Strength, 25 Years
25th April 2014
Our First Whisky Tasting - Glenkinchie 12, Glenmorangie 10, Bowmore 12, Springbank 10, Talisker 18