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Every Last Drop

The Tea Party

Per Ticket
Tue 2:00pm,
8th March
Cake Sponsor
Fozoon - Wonderfully Delicious French Pastries

Tea and Whisky Party

For International Women's Day we have a special event lined up.

We have partnered up with an amazing RuWei Tea House and Photo Studio, to bring you an afternoon of Tea, Whisky and Fashion.

Participate in a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, and afterwards try some of our Clubs lighter whiskies mixed with white tea.

Our guest photographer YiChen will be taking photos for your viewing pleasure while Konrad will be making a movie of your experience.

Sylvia Kim - GNG Golf Studio

The Whisky Selection

Scapa 16
Tomintoul 10 Years
Drambuie 15 Years

Date:Tuesday 8th March 2016
Time:2:00pm - 5:00pm
Where:The RuWei Tea House
Dress:Wear a QiPao Dress
RSVP:Please book by the 5th March
Contact:Sylvia Kim
138 2059 7784


What a fantastic event that was. First off, I think everybody was impressed at the location. The layout of the tea house was absolutely stunning.

Ms Hu and her assistant conducted the tea ceremony to start the event. It was important to attain a level of peacefulness, so all phones were turned off, and absolute silence was required for the first three cups of tea.

Everybody received complementary traditional Tea Gowns which were absolutely gorgeous. A dark blue and made of a heavy cotton, they were an elegant utilitarian design.

The Whiskies were provided by the Single Malt Club, and this time we selected our whiskies for their lighter style so not to overpower the white tea we were mixing with.

For the Tea and Whisky, guests were encouraged to change into QiPao's in preparation for the photoshoot that was to start straight after.

Elaine from Fozoon brought a gorgeous chocolate cake in order to pair up with our Drambuie shots, and everybody soon headed upstairs for some glamour shots by YiChen.

It was an excellent event, and we think that everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks to everybody for coming and supporting this event.

Konrad Steinmuller
Single Malt Consultant