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Every Last Drop

Our Recommended Websites

Whisky Reviews

Master of Malt

A Whisky Online Retailer with a huge database of whisky ratings and customer reviews.

Whisky Fun

Contains over 11,000 whisky ratings and tasting notes.

Whisky Advocate

John Hansell is publisher and editor of the US-based whisky magazine Malt Advocate, and this is his personal blog.

The Scotch Blog

The Scotch Blog is another important whisky blog run by Amercan whisky expert Kevin Erskine.

The Buxrud Collection

Ulf Buxrud has compiled what has to be the most comprehensive collection of whisky links on the net.

Dramming - Everything Whisky

A Whisky Magazine with regular articles.


This site is probably the most comprehensive source on the Japanese whisky scene in English.
Whisky Awards

World Whiskies Awards

One of the most prestigious and sought after accolates in the Whisky Industry.

International Wine & Spirit Competition

A long running competition for alcoholic beverages of all classes.
Recommend Bars in Tianjin

Flair Bar - Ritz Carlton

Inside is a small but beautiful Whisky Bar devoted to quality Single Malts.

O'Haras - The Astor

A English style bar inside the oldest hotel in Tianjin with a generous array of Malts.

Oscar House

A modern western style restaurant and bar located in Xian Nong. Their Japanese Bar Tender is an expert in Whisky.

Harley Davidson Club

The owner also has a whisky supply business on the side, so needless to say their whisky selection is quite good.

La Reine

A private club in conjunction with a french restaurant that specialises in old and rare whiskies.

Le Procope

A great bar with a decent whisky selection. Cosy in winter, and in summer you can sit on their rooftop balcony.

Royal Yacht Club

Just opposite the Ritz Carlton, the RYC focuses on luxurious leather furniture. Great whisky selection as well.