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Every Last Drop

How to Join

In order to join the Tianjin Single Malt Club three things must happen.

  1. You must be nominated by an existing member.
  2. The club's committee must consider your nomination and offer you an invitation to join.
  3. You must confirm your membership within 6 months by either

Getting an Invitation

Get to know a Committee Member

As it is the committee who determines who can and cannot join the club, the best way to get an invitation is to get to know a committee member.

At least two committee members must agree to your nomination, so its best to know more than one of them.

Become a GNG Golf Studio Member

The facilities of the Single Malt Club have been generously donated by Sylvia Kim, head instructor of the GNG Golf Studio.

Therefore it certainly cannot hurt to become a client of her Golf Studio if you want to become a Tianjin Single Malt Club Member.

Become a Sports Fan

Two of our founding members are heavily involved in Sports in Tianjin (football and golf).

The Club's bar is also a sports themed bar, with sporting memorabelia and International Sports TV Channels.

Start Travelling Internationally

The club requires Duty Free alcohol for its Whisky Library due to serious issues with counterfeit products here in China.

Being an International Traveller makes it easier to guarantee the quality, as well as giving all our members another point of common interest.

Be a Coinnesseur

If you never drink anything else apart from Tsingtao beer, Fosters, Budweiser or cheap Baijiu, then perhaps we are not the best club for you.

We welcome people who want to expand their tasting horizons and begin to explore the world of premium whisky.