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Every Last Drop

Sylvia's Birthday

Per Ticket

Member's Night #6

Join us for our last event before Konrad and I head to Tasmania.

Like all of our Member's evenings, we will be enjoying several excellent whiskies... Lagavulin 16, Glenlivet 18, and Aberfeldy 18.

As an added extra, we will also be celebrating my birthday, so be prepared to eat some cake along with your whisky.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there.

Sylvia Kim - GNG Golf Studio

Date:18th March 2016
Where:Tianjin Single Malt Club
Contact:Sylvia Kim
138 2059 7784


Thank you to everybody who came along to Sylvia's birthday party as part of our member's night.

Sylvia really enjoyed your gifts, including the Yang Liu Qing pictures, and of course the cake.

Even Kimchi (our cat) came along for the party, though she took an unhealthy liking to my expensive feather calligraphy pen.

With whisky, cigars, cake, and cats, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Konrad Steinmuller - Tianjin Single Malt Club