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Sat 4:00pm,
19th December

The RED party

Wear your finest Red Dress, and come to our upcoming Red Party at the Astor Hotel.

December is the month for the color Red, and we are going to have a party to celebrate the ending of the year.

There will be Red Food, Red Wine, and of course, as usual, Konrad will be taking some amazing photos.

After dinner we will be given a personal tour of the Hotel's Museum, before we finish the evening listening to singers in O'Hara's Bar.

In all, a splendid way to end the year on a glamorous note.

Sylvia Kim - GNG Golf Studio


Date:Saturday 19th December 2015
Time:4:00pm - Late
Where:The Astor Hotel
Dress:Wear a Red Dress (Formal for Men)
RSVP:Please book by the 15th December
Contact:Sylvia Kim
138 2059 7784


We were looking for an aged, historic vibe to our Red Dress Party on Saturday night, and the Astor Hotel is the perfect venue, with that great mix of historic architecture, along with 5-Star Hotel service.

What started out as a small private party in the old bistro, with appropriately Red-Themed food and wine, music and photos, became a grand tour of the hotel, as we moved into the Atrium for Christmas photos, down to the Museum for a history tour, and finally finished by being seronaded in the OHara's Bar by Anita our favorite jazz singer.

All our guests looked amazing in their fantastic Red Dresses, and will all now have the amazing photos to prove it. Of course photos were just the side entertainment... the real attraction in our event, was that everybody got to make new friends and have a great time.

Zhong Fang Le Tou, the event sponsor, generously provided every guest with a Christmas gift, and Le Vin kept everybody's wine glass full the entire night.

Special thanks must go to Anita and her pianist, who sang for us in the bar at the end of the evening. All round, a splendid evening, enjoyed by all.

For those who want the hi-res versions, here are all the Photos [154Mb] from the event.

Konrad Steinmuller
Single Malt Consultant