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Every Last Drop

Members Night #4

On the 25th of September we held our fourth Members Night. As a special theme we encouraged our guests to bring a plate of food with them.

The food was excellent, with a seafood rice dish, Japanese Burgers, a Cheesecake, a Bacon and Potato Pie, Sausage Rolls (I think), and a Chocolate Cake. The Seafood Rice was especially spectacular in its black and yellow dish with prawns and clams featuring in its center.

The Whisky was all American this time around, with 2 boubons and an intriguing single malt to go with the food. The bourbons are sweeter than typical scotch whisky, and tend to go well with richer sweeter foods.

To cap the evening off, we all went outside to get some beautiful photos taken against the backdrop of the Earthquake Pyramid on Nanjing Rd. Everybody had dressed up so nicely, and we needed a new photo location since we have had so many photos already in our bar.

We hope everybody had a good time, and we hope to have another food event in a couple of months.

Sylvia Kim - GNG Golf Studio

The Whiskies

Woodford Reserve
Distiller's Select

Pearse Lyons

Pure Kentucky

When:7:00pm Friday Evening, 25th September 2015
Where:Tianjin Single Malt Club
Bring:A dish of your traditional food.
Contact:Sylvia Kim
138 2059 7784