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Every Last Drop

China Mobile Whisky Tasting

On the 10th of June we were invited to host a Whisky Tasting for a group of thirty China Mobile VIPs at the Ealdermann Estate in TEDA. We were provided with five quality Single Malts to help us with that task : Glenfiddich 12, Arren 10, Speyburn 10, Jura 10, Benromach 10.

Having only tried two of these whiskies previously, and with no samples in our bar to try, it required some quick internet research to brush up on their basic characteristics.

The Ealdermann Estate did a great job preparing the venue for our presentation, as they have a well supplied whisky bar of their own, and I think everybody was impressed with their efforts.

For those who have not yet tried it, the Speyburn 10 was the best whisky of the evening. A light and zesty whisky that I would definitely look to purchase in the future.

A final thank-you to Tiger for taking photos for the event.

Konrad Steinmuller - Tianjin Single Malt Club

The Whiskies

The Isle of Arren
10 Years


10 Years

The Isle of Jura
10 Years

12 Years

When:4:00pm Thurday Afternoon, 10th June 2015
Where:Ealdermann Estate
Contact:Sylvia Kim
138 2059 7784