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Every Last Drop

Whisky Tasting Event

Glenfarclas is coming to the Tianjin Single Malt Club in order to share with our members, 4 great whiskies from Glenfarclas.

Glenfarclas is a Speyside Distillery, and so its whiskies have that very distinctive sherry cask flavour.

In order to prepare for seats and food, can you let us know ASAP if you will be attending.

We look forward to seeing you on the 15th of May.

Sylvia Kim - GNG Golf Studio

The Whiskies

12 Years

15 Years

17 Years

105 Cask Strength

25 Years

When:7:00pm Thursday Evening, 15th May 2014
Where:GNG Golf Studio
2nd Basement, Huaqiao Bldg, No.92-1 Nanjing Rd, Heping District
Dress Code:Smart Casual
Contact:Sylvia Kim
138 2059 7784

Event Report

Our event started with an unexpectedly generous note with Mr Tong from Rongxing Wines purchasing the Yoichi 20 (one of our most expensive whiskies) and then sharing it with all participants of the tasting.

I have to congratulate Mr Tong on his choice. It was a whisky that lives up to its fine reputation.

After that we had to regroup as we started tasting with the Glenfarclas 12, an excellent but relatively young whisky compared to the others on offer.

The Glenfarclas 15 was the surprise package of the group with an unexpectedly unique taste, while the 17 Year Old began to take on that decidedly mellow and aged character you only get with older whiskies. For those who appreciate a more alcoholic whisky, the Glenfarclas 105 is a deceptively smooth and easy to drink expression.

As a final and unexpected treat, the Tianjin Single Malt Club in conjunction with Eric, our Glenfarclas representative, opened the Glenfarclas 25. An aged and rich whisky that goes well with rich deserts, and perhaps a fine cigar.