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Every Last Drop

Whisky Night

Per Ticket
Thur 6:30pm, 22nd October
At Gang Gang Sullai in AoCheng

Korean Banquet and Asian Whisky

Coming up on the 5th of November, the Tianjin Single Malt club will be heading to the Gang Gang Sullai Korean Restaurant to have its first Asian Whisky Night.

Gang Gang Sullai, who were our generous sponsors for the Scottish Whisky Night, have asked us to host a banquet at their traditional Korean Restaurant in AoCheng.

The Tianjin Single Malt Club has decided to bring all Asian whiskies from the three primary whisky producers in Asia... Japan, Taiwan and India. While Japan is well known for their excellent whiskies, what is quite surprising for many people, is that Taiwan and India also have recognized world class whisky industries as well.

I am really looking forward to this event, and I hope to see many new faces as well as old members there as well.

Sylvia Kim - GNG Golf Studio

The Whisky Selection

Taketsuru 17 Years
Kavalan Single Malt
Amrut Fusion

Date:Thursday 5th November 2015
Time:6:30pm - 9:00pm
Where:Gang Gang Sullai, AoCheng
Dress:Semi Formal or Smart Casual
RSVP:Please book by the 4th November
Contact:Sylvia Kim
138 2059 7784


This was a really great night. We have a great relationship with Michael (Manager of Gang Gang Sullai), and the restaurant have supported our events in the past, therefore we were delighted to be able to hold one of our Member's Nights Events here.

Of the whiskies tasted that evening, two of them are from surprising places. Taiwan and India both have world class distilleries which surprise many people. Their whisky is actually quite unique, and is termed (unofficially by myself) as "Warm Climate Whiskies"... as opposed to cold climate whiskies such as Scotland, Japan, and Tasmania.

This warm climate leads to the whisky developing faster in the barrel, and to my tastes leads to a more fruitier whisky than otherwise. Nonetheless, the whiskies on the night were excellent, as it is a point of pride that every Tianjin Single Malt Club tasting has amazing whisky on offer.

I will admit that Gang Gang Sullai have some of my favorite Korean food in Tianjin. I have been told it has a slight Chinese influence to the dishes and not truly 100% strictly Korean, but I thoroughly enjoyed the banquet, and would definitely eat there again (I have actually eaten at Gang Gang many times, so the quality of the food was not really a surprise).

One thing we like to focus on with our events is getting the right social vibe going. We try very hard to get the right social mix of people, add some good food, some good alcohol, some great photos, and enough interesting facts about whisky to keep people interested. We are always very pleased when people enjoy our events and find themselves in great conversational company, and we though we achieved that on this night.

All in all, a great night and thank you to everybody who came, and of course to Gang Gang Sullai for providing the food.

Konrad Steinmuller
Single Malt Consultant