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Every Last Drop

Important Club News

Jan 2017 - Club Rule Changes

Club Contribution has increased from 25% to 45%

Previously for every bottle a member contributed to the club's whisky library, 25% of that bottle would be reserved for club activities. From Jan 1st 2017, for every bottle contributed to the library, the club will get 45%.

What this means in practice is, that while the amount of credits you receive for your bottle will remain the same (the credits will equal the price you paid for the bottle on the receipt), the per shot price for that bottle will now increase.

The prices on existing bottles will stay the same.

No Membership Fees for 2017

Some of you may have noticed that we had planned to introduce a joining fee for our club this year.

Due to the fact that we have increased the bottle tariff from 25% to 45%, we have decided not to bring in joining fees to our club this year.

Jan 2017 - Tartan Scarf Party

Our first event of the year is going to be a tartan scarf party, where all guests will receive a real tartan scarf. More details coming soon.

Jan 2017 - A Chinese Whisky : Jin Whisky

We have a crazy plan to make a whisky right here in Tianjin (Tianjin... Jin Whisky). There are a lot of good reasons to try and make whisky here, and we will be putting together a proposal over the next month or so, so please stay tuned.

Jan 2017 - Whisky Lesson Videos

We have started developing some basic whisky lessons filmed in our bar. Our first lesson video is now on our videos page and it goes over how to pronounce the scotch whisky bottles in our bar. There is an English and a Chinese version available.

Nov 2016 - Konrad and Sylvia are back from Tasmania

In March 2016, Konrad and Sylvia went to Tasmania to meet some new friends, learn some new things, and have some new experiences.

After 8 wonderful months, both Sylvia and Konrad are now back in China with a whole heap of amazing experiences and stories.

Follow their experiences on Facebook, the Amazing Tasmania Website, or on our summary page.

Oct 2016 - Sean has left the Club

After 2 years working at our club, our bartender Sean Diao has decided to move on and focus on coffee rather than whisky.

We thank him for his amazing service to the club and wish him well in coffee. We hope that he will always maintain his interest and passion in whisky.

Apr 2016 - Club Rule Changes

Credits Will Now Expire

From the 1st of April 2016, all credit will be allocated a time-limit in order to encourage people to consume their whisky.

For every 100 credits (rounded up to the nearest hundred), you will get an extra month in order to use that credit.

If you contribute another bottle before your credit expires, the expiry date for ALL your credit will be extended according to the value of the bottle.


  1. On the 1st of April, you have 36 credits left in your account... You will get 1 month to finish your 36 credits. After the 1st of May, all of your remaining credit will expire.
  2. On the 1st of April, you have 136 credits left in your account... Since your credit is over 100 but below 200, you will get 2 months to finish your credit.
  3. You have 200 credits expiring on the 1st of June. You then bring a bottle worth 600 credits on the 5th May. We will add 6 months to your existing credit expiry date. You will now have 800 credits that will expire on the 1st December.

Memberships will Now Expire

There are no annual membership fees other than the whiskies that you contribute, however once your last credit has expired, you will have 6 months to contribute a new bottle otherwise your membership will expire.

To re-join the club you will need to contribute a new bottle of whisky.

Private Bottles have a 6 month Time Limit

We will now be applying an expiry limit for private bottles left in our club's cabinet. This does NOT apply to member whisky that is shared with other members. This is only for private bottles reserved for a particular member.