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Every Last Drop

Amazing Tasmania : Mar - Nov 2016

Konrad and I went to Tasmania at the end of March 2016, and while I came back to Tianjin in July to look after our sick cat, I soon returned with some of my Chinese friends to show them what we had discovered. Finally we both came back in mid November energised and ready to plan our next trip.

During our time in Tasmania we were lucky enough to meet some wonderful people, learn some amazing new skills, try the delicious local food and drink (including some great whiskies), and live for most of the year in one of the cleanest and most healthly places on earth.

Sylvia Kim - GNG Golf Studio


We spent quite a bit of time helping out on Corymbia farm near Oldina in North West Tasmania. The owners of the farm were very eco-aware, and we spent a lot of time improving the environmental value of the land. This meant we did a lot of tree planting.

Arthur River & the World's End

The Arthur River comes out on the West Coast of Tasmania in a place called the World's End. Looking West there is nothing but Ocean until you reach South America. Going up the river you enter pristine natural rainforest that has never been logged.


Lorinna is a remote valley in the middle of Tasmania far away from civilization. We helped out on a certified organic farm, milking cows by hand, skinning kangaroos, castrating pigs, and lots of gardening.

Jackey's Marsh

The Nut Garden is a property owned by a musician, playwright, curved wood craftsman, and builder, Kim Clark. He built everything on the property, and its a testament to a lifetime of work. He has a small clearing in the rainforest surrounded by an ancient stone wall, with a natural spring nearby that would be perfect for a distillery.

Ratho Farm Golf Course

Ratho Farm is the oldest golf course in Australia. A true traditional style golf course, the sort that would have been in existance 200 years ago, you have to climb over farm fences, and avoid the animals as you hack your way around the course.


There is no argument that Tasmania has some of the best seafood in the world. Indeed it is the best place to find wild abalone. We picked our own oysters from the rocks, dived for our own abalone, and caught fish and squid while fishing in a small boat.

Westcoast Wilderness Railway

There is a heritage steam train that goes up into the wild mountains, with gorges and precipitous drops hundreds of meters to the river below. All while dining in luxury in the special Tasmanian wood built carriages. There are several stops along the way to stretch your legs and see what the rainforest is really like.

McHenry's Distillery

We visited William McHenry at his picturesque distillery up in the hills of the Tasman Peninsula. In addition to whisky, William and his family also make a great Gin and Vodka.