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Whisky University

An Educational TV Series By Charles Maclean

Charles Maclean is a prominent whisky writer and educator, having written numerous books, and participated in many films and videos.

He is one of the most recognizable faces in the Scotch Whisky Industry and has recently spent time promoting Scotch Whisky at the Whisky L in Beijing.

Charles has been kind enough to allow us to host his Whisky University Series on our website so we can provide a translation for our Chinese guests.

To view his original series, please visit the SingleMaltTV Channel on Youtube.

The Whisky L Master Class with Charles Maclean
Sylvia and Charles Maclean
Konrad and Charles Maclean
Sylvia in the Master Class run by Charles Maclean
The Ballentines selection from the Master Class

World Whisky
Per Copy

World Whisky - A Nation-By-Nation Guide

Editor-in-Chief Charles Maclean

We have in stock the Chinese version of Charles Maclean's Whisky Reference book, World Whisky.

With over 700 whiskies from around the world included, this book is a wonderful introduction to the world of quality whisky.

The book is a great purchase for anybody wanting to get a better appreciation of whiskies from around the world.