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Every Last Drop

The Club


The Tianjin Single Malt Club is a social club revolving around the enjoyment of Single Malt Whisky.

We want to promote a friendly social atmosphere, improve social sporting opportunities, and of course the drinking of quality whisky.

The club is setup so that the sales of Club Whisky support the running of the bar, and the donated Member Whisky is used for marketing the club to new members.

Currently the percentage of each bottle donated to the club when a bottle is added to our member library is : 45%


Membership is by invitation only. However if you enjoy golf, love Whisky, and happen to know an existing member who can recommend you to the club, then getting an invitation is unlikely to be a problem.

One thing to note, given the pre-requisite joining 'fee' of a Duty Free bottle of Whisky it will be easier to be a member if you are an International traveller.

For special cases we have an alternative arrangement where a new member can purchase a bottle from our club selection and place it into the Reserved Cabinet. This bottle will be reserved solely for them, however the bottle must be worth over ¥2000 to be placed into the Reserved Cabinet.

Opening Hours

The Club will open at 6pm and closes at 10pm, from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is our day off.

The opening hours will be reviewed every 6 months depending on club demand.

The Facilities

The Club has the following facilities available for its members

  • The Member Whisky Library
  • A Reserved Cabinet for Private Bottles
    ( Private bottles must be valued over ¥2000 )
  • The Club Whisky
  • Other alcohol and beverages
  • A small bar and lounge area
  • Sports Channel TV
  • WIFI Internet


We wanted our club to involve more than just drinking alcohol. Given the club is located in a Golf Studio, it is inextricably linked to sports.

  • The Club's bar will be decorated in Golfing memorabelia.
  • The bar's TV will have several international sports channel.
  • The GNG Golf Studio is next door and will run a golf competition for members.
  • The Tianjin Futsal League is available for those who prefer football.
  • We plan to add more sports in the future, and are considering tennis, badminton, tabletennis and pool.

Dress Code

The Club has a dress code in line with that required by the GNG Golf Studio.

  • Dress code is smart casual or business attire. Golfing attire obviously is also acceptable.
  • No Shorts
  • No T-Shirts
  • No Thongs or Sandals

What we expect from our Members

Being a private club, we operate a little differently to how a public bar would.

  1. Being a Whisky club, our members are expected to contribute to the Member's Whisky Library.
  2. Guests are encouraged but the inviting member must be responsible for them.
  3. Members are encouraged to introduce themselves to other members, however...
  4. No spruiking to other members. We are a private social club, NOT a sales opportunity.