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Sylvia's Interview
Fannys Bay 2016
CNY 2017
Story of Whisky
Every Last Drop

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Sylvia's Interview
Fannys Bay 2016
CNY 2017
Whisky with Sylvia
Whisky with Konrad
Why Wear a Bowties
Women's Tea Party
Chinese New Year
Snow Golf
Dancing Night #2
Dancing Night #1
Story of Whisky

Amazing Tasmania

During the majority of 2016, Sylvia and Konrad were in Tasmania working on farms, diving for abalone, learning how to make whisky, drinking whisky, and making lots of vidoes. Here is a selection of those videos.

Lorinna Valley
Fannys Bay 2016
Fannys Bay 2014
Corymbia Farm
Arthur River
Roger O'Halloran
PF : Truffles
PF : Breakfast
PF : Chickens
PF : Goats
PF : Olives
PF : Cows